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The outcome of your IELTS exam result is very important for most candidates. Proper training can make the difference between being admitted to the university of your choice or being able to migrate.   Don't leave this to chance - get the skills you need to maximize your score in the IELTS exam today.

Boost your IELTS test performance with qualified instructors

  • Guaranteed highest quality curriculum prepared by past examiners
  • Individual feedback on how to achieve your desired IELTS score
  • Guaranteed small study groups of 4 students maximum
  • Academic and General Training streams offered
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  • Classes beginning every week
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As part of Perfect English IELTS training we provide:

  • Comfortable modern learning facilities & amenities
  • One-on-one speaking practice with qualified instructors
  • Exclusive advice on common mistakes to avoid
  • Special tips & hints that every IELTS candidate must know
  • Practice IELTS tests conducted under exam conditions
  • All materials required for classes
  • Additional practice materials
  • Accurate Band Score Assessments
  • and more...

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Thanks to the Perfect English IELTS Preparation course, I got the score I needed - overall 8 after 4 weeks of coaching. I was thrilled to get Band 9 in reading! Dimitra is the best trainer and genuinely cares about her students. The small tutorial groups are fantastic for learning and getting feedback every day.
07:32 19 Mar 18
Dimitra is a very responsible and experienced teacher. I took one month training programm and I loved her course structures for my IELTS preparation. With the patient instructions of Dimitra and sufficient materials she provided I reached my goal for my exam. Thank you very much!
Ryan Jennings
Ryan Jennings
23:49 03 Mar 18
So perfect. Mahyo prepared. Mahyo take on the world!
Apupuji Mahyo
Apupuji Mahyo
11:39 03 Jan 18
I had two hours of private class with Dimitra focused on reading. I've got 5 points in the reading band in my first IELTS General Test. After her guidance, I've got 7 in the reading band in the second IELTS test I've done, which is an incredible jump! Now I can conclude my skills assessment.I strongly recommend her! The best, the best, the best!
Douglas Téo
Douglas Téo
05:16 22 Sep 17
My heartfelt thanks to Dimitra and Penny. You have been amazing teachers and I am grateful for all your support, advice, professionalism and encouragement.
Chantal P
Chantal P
12:03 28 Nov 16
Thank you for your help. I finally achieved my score and am very grateful to you. I strongly recommend your course to anyone that is struggling to get their band score!
Dimitra Limberakis
Dimitra Limberakis
01:17 25 Nov 16
Dimitra and the staff are amazing, professional and they will help you get your goal.I recommend..
Andrea Muccio
Andrea Muccio
06:39 21 Nov 16
Amazing teachers. Very helpful. Would recommend this to anyone who needs IELTS preparation.
Zaffiria Siatos
Zaffiria Siatos
09:45 19 Nov 16
Dimitra is an extremely enthusiastic and friendly coach, who helped me a lot not only in improving my IELTS score, but also in my daily communication skills. I would highly recommend this course to everyone, especially those who are in need of improving their writing and speaking skills within a short time!
Hoang Ha Ho
Hoang Ha Ho
09:40 19 Nov 16
Amazing coaching! My overall score improved from 6 to 7 after 6-week coaching. Actually my targeted score was 6.5 when I decided to book these courses. I am very happy to get 7! More importantly,I can communicate with others fluently after the training of speaking and this has helped me found a better job.
Ye Luyi
Ye Luyi
08:03 19 Nov 16


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