Raman - India 2

"I had problems with the writing module.  This short course helped me to prepare for my IELTS exam.  I now know how to write a high scoring essay."

Raman - India

Intensive Course

Duration: 4 weeks classes + 2 weeks homework completion

Hours: up to 32 contact hours + corrections + 4 one-on-one homework feedback meetings comprising:

  • Writing Coaching
  • Reading Coaching
  • Speaking Coaching
  • Listening Coaching
  • Optional practice exams
  • One-on-one speaking practice sessions
  • Homework correction and individual one-on-one homework feedback meetings

Class Schedule (click here)

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Our integrated IELTS Preparation Course includes:

A focus on all four core components– Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing;

In-depth coverage of each component;

Practical skills to improve IELTS exam performance in each component;

Useful hints and tips to avoid common mistakes;

Essential vocabulary for IELTS preparation;

Revision of essential grammar to correct common grammatical errors;

What the IELTS examiners are looking for in candidates’ answers;

Full correction and assessment of students’ work to target band score improvement;

Individual attention for each student;

Interactive and dynamic classes;

Ample classroom materials;

Ample homework practice materials;

Full practice exams under simulated exam condition to monitor performance and improvement;

and much more.

Practice Exams: Held on a mutually suitable day and time (approximately 4-5 hours)

The practice exams are full exams held under simulated exam conditions. Each student's exam paper is scored by a qualified past examiner and corrected with full feedback provided to each individual student to help them to achieve their desired IELTS Band score.

Each practice exam includes all four components, speaking, listening, reading and writing and a one-on-one speaking exam.

Courses begin every week with morning, afternoon and evening classes available for convenience, so don't delay any longer.

Book your place at the Perfect English IELTS Preparation Centre and improve your IELTS Band score today.