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IELTS HELP – Commonly misspelt words by IELTS candidates

Commonly misspelt words by IELTS candidates:
Correct spelling   Common misspelling
accommodation                     accomodation
address   adress
achieve   acheive
across   accross
in addition   in addiction
aggressive   agressive
apparently   apparantly
appearance   appearence
argument   arguement
basically   basicly
because   becuase
before   befor
beginning   begining
believe   beleive, belive
business   bussiness
calendar   calender
children   childern
colleague   collegue
comfortable   confortable
committee   commitee
conclusion   conculsion
conscious   concious
continuous   continous
decreasing   decresing
definitely   definately
deny   denay
different   diffrent
disappear   dissapear
disappoint   dissapoint
environment   enviroment, envirnoment
example   exemple
existence   existance
false   flase
February   Febuary
finally   finaly
foreign   foriegn, forgein
forward   foward
friend   freind
further   futher
furthermore   forthemore
government   goverment
happened   happend
himself   hisself
immediately   immediately, immidiatly
important   impotent
increasing   incresing
independent   independant
interrupt   interupt
knowledge   knowlege
language   lenguage, langauge
necessary   neccessary
noticeable   noticable
nowadays   Nowsaday, now a days, nowdays
occasion   ocassion, occassion
opinion   oppinion, opoinon
personally   personaly
piece   peice
politician   politican
possession   posession
publicly   publically
really   realy
receive   recieve
referred, referring   refered, refering
religious   religous
remember   rember, remeber
reply   replay
restaurant   restuarant
sense   sence
separate   seperate
sincerely   sincerly
something   somethink
speech   speach
stressful   stressfull
successful   successful, successfull
surprise   suprise
tendency   tendancy
themselves   themselfs
therefore   therefor
timetable   time table
tomorrow   tommorow, tommorrow
tongue   tounge
truly   truely
unfortunately   unfortunatly
until   untill
Wednesday   Wendsday
with   whit
whereas   wheras
wherever   where ever
which   wich
writing   writting
youngsters   youngers

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