Should I Do An IELTS Band Score Assessment?

Perfect English IELTS Preparation Centre provides full IELTS Band Score Assessments.

Who should do an IELTS Band Score Assessment?

1. Individuals who have never attempted an IELTS exam or who have not achieved a minimum overall score of 5 must undergo an assessment by us to determine their capability to participate in our course.

2. Assessments are also useful for individuals who purely wish to find out their IELTS Band score without paying the full cost to sit an actual IELTS Exam.

What does an IELTS Band Score Assessment Involve?

The assessment evaluates your level of English language skills in writing, reading, listening and speaking. After the assessment, you will receive an accurate IELTS Band score in each of the IELTS modules so you will know where your strengths and weknesses lie and where you need to focus on improving. You will also receive a recommendation about which of our courses would be most suitable for you.

How long does the IELTS Band Score Assessment take?

The assessment takes 4-5 hours.

When can I do an IELTS Band Score Assessment?

Assessments are conducted each week by prior registration.

You can call Perfect English IELTS Preparation Centre on 0411 583 545 to book your IELTS Band Score Assessment.

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